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Victoria Lane / Artist & Designer

Victoria cultivated a love of art and handcrafting from a young age. She spent her childhood and adolescence learning traditional fine art skills, pouring over Martha Stewart Living magazines and tackling a wide array of DIY projects. These early hobbies instilled in Victoria a diverse artistic skillset as well as a wide working knowledge of craft that has become a lasting passion.

After earning a Bachelors Degree from Pratt Institute School of Design and working for over 8 years in the corporate apparel industry in New York City and Boston, Victoria finally found the opportunity to use her cultivated talents in a new and refreshing way during the planning of her own wedding—when she designed, created, and curated all of the event's paper, décor, textiles, and even the dress!

Victoria’s work is inspired by elements of nature and materialized through organically formed compositions. Motifs are hand painted and then digitized for reproduction by the artist herself in her home studio. Throughout the design process, Victoria is able to use her practical skills as well as her trained eye to create truly unique items that reflect a handmade spirit in a polished finished product. Her corporate experience in branding and line-building allow her to think of the big picture—how design elements can be conceptualized and achieved through a vast array of goods within a cohesive and personal aesthetic.  

When not designing, Victoria still enjoys any DIY project she can get her hands on, cooking, gardening and renovating the 1920s bungalow where she lives with her husband Ryan and their two keeshonds in Boston, MA.